Safe States Alliance Injury Prevention Resolution Process
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Resolution Process
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Resolution Process


The resolution process enables the Safe States Alliance (Safe States Alliance) to formulate and present collective public health positions and recommendations related to injuries. The purpose of a resolution is to provide a formal mechanism whereby the members of Safe States Alliance can provide input regarding injury-related policies and activities.


The Resolution Process

When Safe States Alliance speaks, a resolution is the appropriate procedure for articulating the request. A resolution should deal with a single action or closely related actions and be directed toward one or a few people or groups. It should rely on well-established facts and background material that is reviewed and accepted by the membership.


The Safe States Alliance Resolution Committee consists of at least three voting members, one member of the Safe States Alliance Executive Committee and one member of the Safe States Alliance Policy Committee.


Resolutions must be submitted electronically to Safe States Alliance Resolution Committee at any time up to three months prior to the Safe States Alliance annual meeting. Utilization of the format described below is required, if assistance is needed you may contact the Resolution Committee Chair. A Call for Resolutions will be sent to members to alert them to the submission deadline. Once resolutions are received by the Resolution Committee, they undergo a policy review by the Safe States Alliance Policy Committee and legal reviews. The Resolution Committee may approve the resolution as written or may request a redraft by the author. Once resolutions are recommended for adoption by the Resolution Committee, they are assigned a number and are presented to Safe States Alliance members for consideration prior to the annual meeting. Resolutions are presented and voted upon at the Safe States Alliance annual meeting.


Resolutions pertaining to urgent or timely topics may be submitted to the Resolution Committee anytime throughout the year, along with a request that includes a justification as to why it is important or opportune to consider this resolution outside the regular timeline for review of resolutions described above. Resolutions pertaining to urgent or timely topics will be presented and voted upon by members during a publicly announced Safe States Alliance conference call.


Resolution Review Process

The Resolutions and By-laws Committee will review all resolutions every three years based upon the date they were first approved. The Resolutions will either be revised (as needed) and renewed for another three year cycle or archived.


Guidelines for Submitting Resolutions

Resolutions must originate from Safe States Alliance members. Useful types of resolutions include a request that another organization take action on a particular issue or a request that another organization initiate a new program or activity or reconsider a current program or activity. Resolutions contain a series of "whereas" statements which explain the rationale of the resolution, contribute to the understanding of the subject matter and lead into the "resolved" section of the resolution. The "resolved" section of the resolution defines the intent of the resolution. The Bylaws and Resolutions Committee will provide members with technical assistance in getting proposed resolutions in final form for submission.

To submit a resolution, contact Safe States Alliance at (770) 690-9000 or

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